Bilbao Basket with roster’s problems at Fortitudo Bologna

Fortitudo Bologna has now a great chance to win their home-game in Basketball Champions League. The Italian squad has now all their players available while the opponents have huge problems with the roster. Important players like Ondrej Balvin and Quentin Serron will miss for a while from the basketball court, while Ludvig Hakanson came back after coronavirus but his physical shape is not recovered. Last game last against Estudiantes he scored only 1 point having 0 at index rate.

Bilbao Basket signed some players to cover a bit their bleeding, like Regimantas Miniotas and Goran Huskic, two great players, hard workers, with character, but the rotation of the team is far from being competitive. 

In Basketball Champions League the Basques are already at 0-2, with a small chance to advance from a strong group that host as well great clubs like Brose Bamberg, Pinar Karsyiaka and Fortitudo Bologna.

Bilbao Basket should focus now on the domestic league avoiding relegation. They could relax and accept the situation that because of the missing players, Champions League is over this season.

In the same time, Fortitudo Bologna has a big probability to reborn now when all the players are back from Covid and from injuries and the organization changed coaches, naming Luca Dalmonte at the helm of the team. It’s the moment of a restart for the Italian side and I trust them to do it well.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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