Brainbasketball is launching a FREE Telegram channel for basketball betting tips

Hi, everybody

I decided to create as well a free Telegram channel with basketball betting tips. To be included in the free channel, you have to contact here, sending a short message to this FACEBOOK page:

This free channel is available to all the people, but for the professional bettors I recommend my PREMIUM channel, where I give arguments and details about why I chose those games:

I understand that nowadays many people want things and tips for free and it’s ok. But you have to understand that if you want to earn and achieve goals in life, there is a price. You have to struggle, you have to make effort, you have to invest. Nothing’s fall from the sky except the rain! So, if you are cheap, cheap things and ideas will come to you and the world around you will be cheap. You will continue to be poor in a material, but as well in a spiritual way. You don’t respect money, money won’t respect you, won’t come to your pockets. In the betting world if you are stingy and cheap there is no real chance to grow rich.

The best bets will be given first and many of them exclusively to my Premium clients, because they pay! But the Free betting channel will be weekly updated with good tips. I wish you luck and don’t hesitate to contact me for any idea related to betting on basketball.

Last, but not least you can have an online session with me on a video call in order to understand WHY PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE LOSING MONEY BETTING. The cost of my coaching session is 55 euros/50 minutes.


Gratian Cormos is a life coach and mentor living in Barcelona, Spain. He is the author of the book “How to bet on basketball” available here for only 11 euros. For the passionate bettors, he created a Telegram channel where you can subscribe in order to receive ALL the betting tips that he makes.