Brescia should win vs. Trento

The subscribers of my Premium Telegram channel received this bet a couple of days ago. At that moment the odds were totally different, that’s why is worthy to be a subscriber. Germani Brescia had at that moment odds between 2.25 and 2.10 while Dolomiti Energia Trento was the favourite of the encounter. The things changed dramatically and my reasons to bet a huge amount on Brescia were:

  • Trento is not in their best moment. They travelled this week to Patras in Greece to face Promitheas, then they had a large trip to Gran Canaria and after 2 days they had to play again at Brescia. Too many games in a short period of time and the fatigue was already seen during the last game. Against Gran Canaria, Trento scored only 61 points.
  • Another problem for the Italian side is generated by the absences of Davide Pascolo, Andrea Mezzanote and Jacorey Williams (of their best players). The rotation is shorter and Brescia has a large bench.
  • Speaking about Brescia, they have back Tyler Kalinoski and Drew Crawford 2 excellent players. They are rested and fresh, being not used in the Eurocup game at Ratiopharm Ulm. If you take a look at Brescia losses, you could see that they played decent games but they felt in the end because of the missing players. Now they are back and the things will be totally different.
  • The host team is needing so badly the victory because they are on the last spots in Italy. They are meeting a squad weakened by fatigue and missings, this is the best opportunity to win.
Now, the odds on Brescia are around 1.50! Sharp bettors made already good money since the odds dropped a lot, as I expected.

Image: Eurocup

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