I bet only basketball, other guys smarter than me are betting many sports, but I think that all the professional bettors have something in common that makes the difference between them and the amateur ones. And it’s about FINDING VALUE!

Betting is not gambling, betting is not guessing who will win, betting is not waiting for the lucky shot of the last seconds. Betting is the “sacred geometry of chance”, an art, a science.

Professional betting is about betting on fake odds, big odds, weird ones, taking risks when things are not easy. Betting on 4.40 on the underdog on prematch or covering a huge handicap and then at live, when your underdog is doing miracles and the odd dropped to 1.20, betting on the other team at odd 5. This is betting, applying mathematical concepts to the games. Maths don’t fail! People do!

Betting is trading odds like they are trading bitcoins, gold, oil or diamonds on the stock market. I always said that the capacity for identifying dropping odds is far more important than guessing winners. When the odds are unreal they will drop and in the majority of the cases, you will make FREE money. You won already!

Bet on Brescia at 2.25 against Trento because it’s a huge odd that will drop. And then, in the first quarter, when Brescia is leading with 23-8 don’t be cheap and bet as well on Trento at odd 6.75 or 4.50 or 3.60. Always control your investments, buying worthy odds. It’s the only way!

Gratian Cormos is a life coach, book writer and mentor living in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

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