Bayern with a chance at Anadolu Efes

A couple of days ago on my Telegram channel, I recommended taking Bayern Munich as the winner at Anadolu Efes in Euroleague because the odd was simply unreal: 4.40. The handicap +9.5 on the German team was more than suitable. Now, the odd and the handicap dropped as foreseeable. The growing odd on Anadolu Efes has some reasons:

  • The Turkish powerhouse is without Shane Larkin and Bryant Dunston, maybe the most important pillars of the squad. Their absence is affecting a lot the quality of the rotation.
  • During the last Euroleague game, after 1 minute of playing another key-player, the ex-NBA Rodrigue Beaubois got injured as well and he didn’t come back on the court. If he will be out against Bayern, the things complicate even more for the Turkish team.
  • Bayern Munich is looking scary. They have a large roster, with all their bench players able to be of great help. They proved strong in the previous encounters and they will be hard to break if they maintain this warrior mood. The Germans have a historical chance to reach the playoffs in the main competition of Europe and I see them even as a Final Four presence in May 2021. For this to happen they have to treat every game like a final. 

If Efes had all their players available they certainly would have the first chance to win the battle, but in these circumstances and because the odd was huge, I had to take Bayern!

Image: EuroLeague

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