Why the odds on Nanterre at Trento dropped so much?

Betting yesterday in the morning on Nanterre to win at Dolomiti Energia Trento in the Eurocup was one of the best pick ever. Not because Nanterre will win for sure, but because the odds on them were fantastic. In the majority of the cases, nobody knows who will win the games, that’s why you have to jump on unreal odds, much higher than the probability. 3.50 or 3.40 – but I caught also 3.75 – yesterday on Nanterre was amazing in these circumstances:
  • Trento had a busy week with games in Greece, Canarian Islands and then coming to Brescia. The price of the fatigue accumulated has to be paid at some moment. This encounter is their 4th in 8 days.
  • Then Trento lost JaCorey Williams and after the game at Brescia as well Luke Maye. The roster is very short now relying on only 4 good Americans and Toto Forray. The bench is very weak, providing poor stats.
  • The French team needs desperately the win in order to hope for the next stage of the competition, while Trento is already qualified for the Top 16 of the Eurocup so the motivation of each squad will be very different.
No team can go winning and winning in any circumstances. Not even Trento. Now the odds dropped from 3.50 to around 2.00. Good cashout winning 1.50 the money you’ve bet yesterday seems fair enough. But as well if you caught a good odd on Nanterre I recommend you to keep a medium stake on that.

Image: Eurocup

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