Brescia, the favourite of the referees as always

There are many tensions now at Reggio Emilia because of the game lost at home against Brescia. But I think the Reggiana squad did a good job. What you can do against the referees? Everybody knows that Brescia is supported by them every single game.

Yesterday, for example, arbitration was disgusting. If you rewatch the entire game you can see it. It’s nothing secret. It’s an explicit violation of the rules. Aggressive defense of Brescia unpunished, invented turnovers against Reggio Emilia, much more fouls in the first part of the game called against the home side etc.

For those who will see just the final minutes, when Reggio Emilia still “had” a chance to win, I want them to remember that in the first 15 minutes of the game, Brescia accumulated just 3 team fouls! Then it was the moment when the game was already lost, even if Reggio Emilia led after the 1st quarter. Because the big chance of the home team was to force Brescia to commit more fouls: their roster was too short and they couldn’t resist the entire game in 5-6 players’ rotation against the deeper roster of Reggio Emilia.

The bad arbitration stole Reggio Emilia the win and prejudiced them with 20 points. It’s so easy to destroy the game of any team by hostile calls.

Gratian Cormos,

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