Brook Lopez – the three-point shooter

For a long period of time, the positions of basketball players were very clear, and nobody was interfering with another colleague’s role. A center used to work under the basket or at least in the proximity of it, while a point-guard was leading the game, making plays for his teammates. In the past 10 years, after Steph Curry took the three-point shooting to a whole new level, the league has changed. The positions are not the same as the ones that were 30 years ago, and nowadays big men can dribble, pass and shoot at ease.

The player that I want to talk today is Brook Lopez, one of the last classical centers. He started his career at New Jersey Nets and didn’t attempt a single three-pointer in his first 5 seasons. New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn and Brook Lopez remained one of the pillars of the team. In the following two seasons, the American player shot an average of 0.1 three-pointers/game, and in the third season, he shot 0.2 three-pointers/game.

This was happening in the 2015-2016 season, and Brook Lopez realized that he doesn’t hold any chances in this league if doesn’t develop an outside shot. So, he started to practice a lot and in the next season, he attempted 5.2 three-pointers/game scoring 1.8. It was time for a change, and Brook Lopez decided to go to the Lakers, where he had a good year, surprising everybody with his three-point shooting ability.

After a year spent in Los Angeles, Lopez moved to Milwaukee, and it was here where he became a three-point threat. Currently, the 30-year old is attempting 6.8 three-pointers/game, scoring 2.6. This means that Lopez has a 3P% of 37.4, which is better than Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson or Bradley Beal. Also, in this season Brook Lopez had one game where he scored 8 three-pointers, two games where he scored 7 three-pointers and two games where he scored 6 three-pointers.

It is for sure amazing to see a big guy such as Brook Lopez shooting so well from outside the arc and this just shows how the game has changed in the past 10 years. Also, I’m sure that Lopez’s development can encourage other players so they can become better and better at shooting.

David Istrate,

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