Burgos deserved the title of the Basketball Champions League

When a couple of years ago San Pablo Burgos came out from the second league of Spain, nobody would have trusted them to reach such glory. I mean, they were seen as some underdog team trying to survive in Liga ACB, avoiding relegation. Step by step they created a competitive roster and have built chemistry. In autumn they won for the first time the Basketball Champions League and yesterday they repeated the performance.

Actually, with the same roster, San Pablo Burgos showed 2 times they are – without a doubt – the best team in this European competition. Pinar Karsiyaka did a great effort and I can praise them for reaching the Finals, but in the end, Burgos deserved the win.

Pinar is an excellent team but I am sure they needed one more strong guy in order to win. The Turkish team was there, having an incredible comeback against Burgos at the beginning of the 4th quarter, but the whole game they run after the opponents. The great effort made by Pinar Karsiyaka was not enough because San Pablo Burgos bounced back again sealing the win. Definitely two great teams, but the Spaniard had more tough players and concentration. Only incredibly bad luck could have stolen them the trophy. A well-deserved title and big applause also for the runner. Both teams are making history in European basketball.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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