Bursaspor has a great chance to win their first game in the Eurocup vs. Trento

Today, the absolute newcomer of the Eurocup, Bursaspor will host Italian side, Dolomiti Energia Trento. The Turkish team has a big possibility to win the encounter at their debut in the European competition because:
  • The visitors will play without two important foreigners, Jeremy Morgan and Luke Maye, both of them injured. They didn’t enter this weekend against Treviso Basket in the Italian league and the result was a loss. I think Bursaspor is better than Treviso, having a larger rotation.
  • the host team won their opener in the Turkish league against Besiktas without any difficulty and they are in front of their easiest encounter of this Eurocup group. It could be a good start for them in the European competition if they won this battle.
  • The truth is that Dolomiti Energia Trento has not at all a quality bench and especially now in the absence of these two Americans, the squad can rely only on Gary Browne, Kelvin Martin, Andres Forray, Davide Pascolo, Victor Sanders and JaCorey Williams. Of course, Andrea Mezzanotte and Luca Lechthaler could come from the bench for some minutes but their help won’t be enough. Their rotation is not the best for this tough game away against a team that will give anything on the court.
  • On the other side, Bursaspor has not only some good foreigners but as well the homegrown players are very experienced. We speak about Oguz Savas, Birkan Batuk, Can Maxim Mutaf, Ender Arslan who can make a great game anytime.
Image: Eurocup
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