Can Spanoulis pass Navarro this season?

The Greek legend Vassilis Spanoulis is close to achieving another trophy. This time is an individual one: the best scorer all-time in the Euroleague. He scored 3909 points with an average of 13,39 per game. The king on this category is Juan Carlos Navarro with 4152 points.

The only question is: can Spanoulis pass Navarro till the end of this season? There are 15 rounds left from the regular season and it will be no problem for Olympiacos to enter the playoffs. If they will reach the Final 4, there is a real chance for Spanoulis to be crowned as the new King of the Euroleague.

If this thing happens, Spanoulis performance is even better than Navarro’s because the Greek will pass the Spanish player at 36 years old and the Barcelona legend retired at 38.

Some might say: yeah, it’s easier for Spanoulis because of the new format of the Euroleague which offers more games in a regular season than in the past. So, he will play more games than Navarro! It’s true, but Spanoulis will pass Navarro in fewer games. Now, the difference between them is 49 games played and 243 points scored. So actually to reach the King, Spanoulis needs an average of 5 points per game, but he has more than double this season: 11,53 ppg.

Gratian Cormos,

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