Found on Instagram: Euroleague Mafia

The Instagram is a place where you can discover everyday unbelievable things. This time a fan from Greece sent me another interesting page. It is called “Euroleague Mafia” and if you want to understand what is it about, you have to translate it from Greek. Easy job!

This page is created and maintained by some fanatics of Panathinaikos who constantly accused the referees of stealing against the Greens. From the Euroleague president, Jordi Bertomeu to top refs like Luigi Lamonica, Damir Javor, Sasa Pukl (whose name is repeatedly written “PULK”) and so on, all are demonized on this page.

You can find on this Instagram page a lot of funny photos with many famous characters involved in the European competition: players, coaches, owners or officials. The last post on the page is from 22 December 2018 and I am curious if now, due to the new circumstances this campaign against the Euroleague will continue or not.

Which circumstances? The new head coach Rick Pitino who finally seems to bring some decent results to Panathinaikos and the next Final 4, in May 2020 organized in Athens!

Gratian Cormos,

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