Difficult game for Fortitudo Bologna vs. Brose Bamberg

The absolute newcomer of the Basketball Champions League, Fortitudo Bologna is hosting today another European powerhouse, Brose Bamberg. The game is very important for both teams since they share the most balanced group with Pinar Karsiyaka and Bilbao Basket. Every wrong step means a lot.
Unfortunately, from the favourite Fortitudo is slowly converting themselves in the underdog of the encounter because of the injury of their main center, Ethan Happ. His absence will influence a lot the game, especially because Fortitudo doesn’t have any other big man to replace him with success.
Another doubt is the presence on the court of Matteo Fantinelli, who had a small injury and was rested in the last game against Armani Milano. If he will miss too, only a miracle could save Fortitudo from a loss. They rely only on 5-6 decent players, the other guys from the roster being Italian “kids” that at the moment cannot help the team so much. It will be hard to play the whole encounter basically only with Adrian Banks, Pietro Aradori, Todd Whithers, Tre’Shaun Fletcher, Stefano Mancinelli (37 years old) and Gherardo Sabatini. 
The real problem is that Happ will miss 3-4 weeks and this way Fortitudo can lose also the next game of the groups, so they have to try the impossible today in order to win. Brose Bamberg is the most accessible team from this group.
The good things for the Italians are that they will compete at home and Brose had 2 games in a row this weekend in the German Cup, which can make them a bit tired.

Image: Fortitudo Bologna Facebook

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