Explaining FC Barcelona’s loss vs. Anadolu Efes

I have read since yesterday a lot of naive things about Efes victory and what bothers me most is the stupid idea that Larkin and Micic are unstoppable! They are two great players, I like them a lot but let’s be honest: if Nick Calathes wasn’t injured and Barca had another great guard like Thomas Huertel who left the club everything would have changed. Probably we would have seen the Catalan squad winning by 10 points.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t a good moment for Barca. A couple of months ago Thomas Huertel and the club parted ways. Huertel was an amazing player, but he doesn’t fit with the club’s philosophy. OK! The replacement option was Leo Westermann who played a couple of games and then parted ways with the club too. So the excellent guard Huertel was changed for NO GUARD at all! Huge mistake!

Then the bad luck of Nick Calathes injury was crucial. He tried to play yesterday against Efes but he couldn’t do anything well. He finished with a negative index rate and his presence on the court only helped Efes!

So, from all those point guards of a team with expectations to won the Euroleague, only the teenager Leandro Bolmaro was able to play. He is too young and a great Euroleague team cannot rely only on him. He had to be the 3rd option after Huertel and a healthy Calathes.

Only the basketball specialists can see the huge impact of having almost no guards against Larkin and Micic. Adam Hanga who can defend very well on guards played only 7 seconds for Barca. And with all this mess, Efes eventually won by 5 points.

Image credit: EuroLeague

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