Fake icon Calathes impressed again with 0 from 11 field goal

Fake icon Calathes impressed again with 0 from 11 field goal

In the USA, they criticize really great players when they are not at the best level. Lebron James scoring only 25 is already called a disaster, Harden or Westbrook –  selfish players when they finish the game with 30 points. But here in Europe, the fans, the media and the basketball organizations are blind. They all act like in some dictatorship systems where THE TRUTH cannot be affected by reality, by stats, by facts. Nothing can change THE TRUTH of this kind of people because their mind is locked in a couple of clichés. The ability to understand, analyze and criticize the basketball as a phenomenon is 0.00 here in Europe. Players, coaches or entire organizations making huge mistakes and nobody will criticize them. I mean not people on the streets drinking a coffee but no media, no specialists in basketball etc. The is a lack of true reflection about basketball here in Europe.

And that’s why the blind people have fake icons. I am tired of writing about Nick Calathes, but every week he gave me new topics. This week I already wrote about his bad game against Real Madrid in the opener of the playoff series. But the 2nd game was the worst ever, even for Calathes fans’ standard. The icon scored 1 point, having 2 free-throws. But let’s see the field goal: 0 from 9 at 2 points and 0 from 2 from the arc. So a plain 0/11! Calathes added 7 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 turnovers and this numbers for the blind supporters of him can be enough. But for the people with some brain and sense of reality, his presence on the court has reached only 1 point on efficiency value in more than 26 minutes.

To understand better, Calathes had 1 index rate and Real Madrid had 92. How could you hope that you can win this game if your praised iconic player has such low performance? You can be a fan, but facts are facts! Amaya Valdemoro commenting the yesterday game on the Spanish TV has asked one time: how a guy like Calathes can play so weak? It’s easy: because he never had a good hand, because his shooting percentage is awful, is not even good for friendly games but he is pushed forward like an ICON for dumb people!

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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