FC Barcelona has to win game 3 at Zenit

A big test is coming for FC Barcelona in Russia. I think this game is extremely important – even more than the next one – because Barca need to regain the homecourt advantage. And they have to do it NOW! If the Catalans lose this game the danger of elimination is near. In a game 4 at 2-1 for Zenit, the host team will have a moral advantage and with the fans in the gardens, anything can happen. That’s why I recommended a couple of days ago to bet on a small handicap -3 on the Azulgrana team in game 3 of the series.

I think Barca didn’t find their rhythm in the first 2 encounters but this doesn’t mean anything. Great teams explode when it’s necessary. The differences between these 2 squads are huge on many levels and I will try to resume some of them here:

  • Barca aims for the title, while Zenit – even if they dream on it – should be proud of reaching the Euroleague’s playoff. Eliminating FC Barcelona would be too huge for the Russian side.
  • Zenit played amazing in the first encounters and the truth is the results could be 2-0 for them. But this doesn’t mean that motivation and hard work will reduce the big difference between the quality of the rosters. Barca is a super team, that in the last weeks has some issues with chemistry while Zenit has only a Eurocup roster.
  • Gasol is playing better and better and this weekend he showed an important improvement at MoraBanc Andorra. I am sure that he and the rest of the team will smash Zenit without problems.

Image: EuroLeague

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