Why I took Olimpia Milano over Bayern Munich?

First of all, I would like to congratulate Bayern Munich for their excellent season in Euroleague. The first German team ever to qualify for the playoff and on the 5th spot means something. Coach Trinchieri and the entire organization did a great job. But I think that they have reached their limits. On my private Telegram channel, I recommended people to choose Olimpia Milano -1.5 handicap vs. Bayern Munich in game 2 because:

I saw game 1 and Milano played very poor in the first part of that encounter. Scoring 27 points at halftime at home is simply absurd. This was no Milano that everybody expected and I knew they will show another face later in that game and also in the next encounter. Olimpia Milano is a scoring machine, with so many versatile players and that game 1 was an exception.

Nick Weiler-Babb injured after a couple of minutes played in the first game and this meant a lot for Bayern Munich rotation because the American is one of the key players. His absence reduced Bayern chances to surprise once again the Italian team.

After the first game won in the last seconds, Olimpia Milano was warned that the opponents are not giving up so easily. That’s why the host team reacted so strong, taking the lead from the beginning in the second encounter and then they never look back. I have to admit that I should have taken a bigger handicap, but the poor result of the first game influenced a bit my trust on Olimpia Milano. 

Image: EuroLeague

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