FIXED? Buducnost was focused how to lose the game vs. Arka Gdynia

FIXED? Buducnost was focused how to lose the game vs. Arka Gdynia

Yesterday night we were witnessing one of the most ridiculous basketball game in the modern era. Buducnost did everything was possible to lose the encounter against the visitors from Poland. For me, what happened last night it looks definitely like a FIXED GAME and I will explain to you why:

  • Arka Gdynia came to Podgorica with 11 players, without their only authentic guard, Phil Greene and the replace man was a 35 years old guard that finished as always with low numbers. From those 11 players, 3 didn’t enter the court the whole game, other 3 scored together 5 points because they are weak and I didn’t expect them to do something. Their presence on the court was not efficient at all since they had together -1 index rate. So 6 players from 11 did nothing for Arka Gdynia in this game.
  • Buducnost, the team that a couple of days ago scored 89 points in Stark Arena, against the Euroleague powerhouse Crvena Zvezda, scored now at home 59 points against a weak team from Poland? This is not embarrassing, it’s impossible!!! Only if you fixe the game!
  • If you watch the tape of this Eurocup game, you can see a lot of things, but the most incredible is that Buducnost players are taking some crazy shots without being forced to shoot. There are 3 pointers that they have shot with the purpose to waste the ball, to lose the possession, not because they were forced by the circumstances to take those shots.
  • Another big question: why you don’t penetrate more the defense to force the other team to commit more fouls? Arka had a very poor rotation, only 5 decent players, so if Buducnost has used properly their attacks could easily eliminate some opponents with the foul troubles. Instead, they preferred to take silly shots 9 meters away from the basket, without any chance to score. And that was the idea: NOT TO SCORE! Nikola Ivanovic, Suad Sehovic and Danilo Nikolic had 1/15 from the arc, but if you take a look at the game, you can see how they shoot: without any appetite to score, only to waste the ball.

This is a shame for the entire basketball world, that teams like these can decide to lose games when they want, playing poor and disappointing when they were more than favorites for this encounter.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos