Foreigners playing AWFUL for Banvit

Foreigners playing AWFUL for BanvitYesterday, in the Turkish League, two teams fought for avoiding the last spot. The thriller was eventually won by Banvit with just 1 point margin in the last second of the game.

But this battle could be easily settled if the foreigner players of Banvit wouldn’t be so soft. Of course, in the case of Alex Perez who travelled more than 30 000 km to play with Mexico in the Fiba world cup qualifiers, there is an explanation. He was tired, that’s why he came from the bench and he scored just 4 points in 24 minutes. But no one could understand why McKenzie Moore scored just 2 points and made 5 fouls în 23 minute. The Field goal percentaje? Embarrasing even for primary school competition: 1 from 10. Another big aquisition, D. J. Shelton 2 from 9 shots. What happened with you guys? Together you scored 3 from 19 Fg.

The victory was the result of the struggle made by the young Turkish players who had an excelent game combining for 37 points with good percentage. The other two americans, Devin Oliver and Jordan Morgan were decent, scoring 10 and 14 points.

With the addition of Ricky Ledo the team’s level will upgrade a lot and maybe all the foreigners will be more motivated.

Gratian Cormos,

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