Istanbul Bbsk – the worst of the worst

Istanbul Bbsk - the worst of the worstEven this description for this ridiculous team is too gentle. They succed the record to lose the game against the weakest Sakarya ever, a team who lost this weak the coach and their 3 best players. Before this game, Toney Douglas, Landry Nnoko and Jean Salumu left Sakarya because there is no money. They were averaging fantastic numbers in points, rebound and assist. Actually, they were the core of the team. So, in this situation any team would beat Sakarya at least by 15-20 points margin. But not the dumbest team in Europe, Istanbul Bbsk, who has the most negative records also in Fiba Europe Cup.

Their only excuse can be the absence of the center Semih Erden, injured last days with the Turkish national team.

But even so, Istanbul Bbsk had to win. How could they lose when they were better than Sakarya on every chapter: they had more rebounds (44-40) , more steals (6-2), less turnovers (7-11) and much more shots attempted (74-61) !!! They had just 4 free-throws less than the host team: (20-24) . And at the beggining of the 4th quarter they were down by 20. How is this possible? To shoot so poor? Against a bankrupt team without any major player? I hope it was not a fixed game!

Gratian Cormos,

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