Galatasaray scored 0 points in the overtime!!!

When yesterday morning we published the article about the Turkish league newcomer Fethiye Belediye, nobody would have believed that this team will surprise Galatasaray. Everybody underestimated Fethiye, that grew step by step every game adding new players. Their last signing, Darion Atkins proved decisive for the win.
The odd on Fethiye Belediye was huge: 8,00 but as a team smashed in the first 3 games of the Turkish league, this was the right odd. But the underdog has found not only the power to resist, forcing the overtime, but as well to win the game. And what an impressive way to do it: keeping the big Galatasaray scoreless in the overtime. Yes, the result of the last 5 minutes of the encounter was an incredible 9-0 for Fethiye Belediye.
Former Eurocup participant and now a Champions League team, Galatasaray was simply pathetic during the last 5 minutes, when they didn’t find the way to the basket. And don’t think they played those last minutes of the game without their main players. NO, no, no. Great foreigners with experience in Europe like Brock Motum, R. J. Hunter were on the court for Galatasaray plus one of the best Turkish players, Baris Ermis. 5 tough guys were not able to score a basket or to receive at least 2 poor free-throws in 5 minutes. That’s unbelievable!
This situation is showing us how an underrated team like Fethiye Belediye can change in a couple of weeks from the worst team in Turkey to the squad that is able to keep scoreless an experienced opponent in the overtime.

Image: Pixabay

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