Gran Canaria’s own mistakes put in danger the victory over Iberostar Tenerife

Gran Canaria’s own mistakes put in danger the victory over Iberostar Tenerife

Gran Canaria had to win easily at Iberostar Tenerife because, at the game time, the host team started the battle without 2 key-players, Rodrigo San Miguel and Javier Beiran. These 2 players of Tenerife played over 25 minutes each this week in Basketball Champions League at Promitheas, but were not listed against Gran Canaria. So this had to be a huge advantage for the visitors if they wouldn’t have made a lot of big mistakes:

  1. They didn’t find a solution to stop Colton Iverson to score or rebound whenever he wanted in the paint
  2. In some crucial moments of the game, the Gran Canaria’s guard Nikola Radicevic was the most dangerous enemy of his own team. He made terrible turnovers that helped Iberostar to come back in the game and he committed 4 ridiculous fouls. He finished with -4 on the index rate, but more than this he proved that he is not able to play basketball in a strong championship! The 40 years old guard Albert Oliver played just 2 minutes and had much better numbers than Radicevic
  3. Clevin Hannah made as well 2 stupid turnovers in important moments of the game and his percentage was trash (17% on 2s and 25% from the arc). But eventually, he saved the team with a perfect free-throw percentage: 12/12.
  4. As a final remark, it’s absolutely strange the Iberostar Tenerife beneficiating of Rodrigo San Miguel and Javier Beiran scored this week 57 points in Greece against an average team like Promitheas and then, being without them and much more tired after the long trips they scored 86 against a Euroleague team like Gran Canaria. I am sure that Gran Canaria would destroy Promitheas with 15-20 points! But in this game against Iberostar Tenerife, they played chaotic in offense and offered a sample of the worst defense.

Gratian Cormos,

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