It’s possible to build a super team around Zion Williamson?

It’s possible to build a super team around Zion Williamson?

After letting their best player leave to Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans have big plans for the next years, to build a super team. Taking into consideration that they do not have a superstar in their team, the plan is to build around their best asset Zion Williamson and other promising players. Since his early years, he proved to be a beast and was considered by almost everybody to be number one on the draft night.

So far so good, the things happened that way. The next question is what will be his impact in the NBA. Will he be the next LeBron James or the next Greg Oden?

The comparison is genuine, because looking back into history, Zion and Greg have many similarities. Both players are over 2 meters and over 110 kg, these players were both considered future superstars. Oden was first picked in 2007, for the Portland Blazers, while Zion is this year first pick for Pelicans.

Greg Oden’s college numbers were impressive, 15.7 ppg., 9.6 rpg., and 3.3 bpg. dominating the college. He was drafted at 19 years, after playing only one year in college.

Twelve years later, Zion Williamson, played as well only one year with Duke, averaging 22.6 ppg., 8.9 rpg., and 2.1 spg. He is considered a future superstar, as was seen Greg Oden.

Let us hope here, the similarities end because Greg Oden’s career was finished before reaching his peak, due to many injuries. Nevertheless, we should understand that heavy players like these two could be injured pronely.

Let us hope Zion will be more like LeBron, and less like Greg Oden, and we will enjoy a bright career, and many highlights from this very talented young kid.

Nicolae Sorocan