Kevin Love needs to get out of Cleveland as soon as possible

Yes, Kevin Love do need to get out of that town and he needs to do it as soon as possible, because he is wasting his time if he continues to play for the Cavaliers, who are currently 14th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 5 and 18, and a continuous mess for years since Kyrie and Lebron departed. The former #5 pick from the 2008 class is playing in his 12th season of his career, and given the fact that he is 31 years old, Love has to make a move if he still wants to enjoy playing basketball at a high level with at least a playoff contender team. We all know that he was part of the Big 3 together with Kyrie Irving and Lebron James, back in the days, and he would be an important factor for many teams in the NBA, because he is a big man who can shoot the three.

Even if he had some health problems in the past and many of the people surrounding the league were saying that he is too soft to deliver on the big stage, Kevin Love proved them wrong, because if we take a look at his career averages, we see that he is a walking double-double, with 18,2 PPG, 11,2 RPG and 2,3 APG on 44,2 FG%. That is not quite bad. If you put him on a team with at least 1 more All-Star guard and a strong supporting cast, chances are high that team will make the playoffs, at least.

The best scenario for him at this moment would be to go to the Portland Trail Blazers, as they are in a desperate need of a big man who can also shoot the ball. Portland had an awful start of the season, so because of that we see them being only the 11th in the West. That’s all kinds of bad for a team which played the Western Conference Finals last year… but they can still use an excuse for all that, as they were plagued by injuries once again this season. This move would be a career-saving one for Love, because he wasted to much time on that rebuilding mode team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He would fit perfectly with the Trail Blazers, and together with Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony could make some noise in the playoffs, even if a lot of teams are a lot better than the last season.