Lakers after LeBron’s era. Lonzo “great” again

The last night blow showed without a doubt how Lakers are sinking back without the King. Nothing seems to work and Luke Walton is not to blame. What he can do with this average NBA team without their most experienced players? Not only LeBron but also Rondo. Only they can guide the team. In their absence, it’s about a “Lonzo type” of basketball: 0 points, 0 results. The wonder boy, the hope of the Ball family did it again: in 23 minutes spent on the court against Minnesota, Ball was not able to introduce the ball in the basket. Even he is so amazing (in his neighbourhood)!

I hope this is not the future for the Lakers, who lost 4 from the last 5 games after LeBron’s injury. But these circumstances prove – if it was necessary – what LeBron means for a team and especially for a normal team. With the Cavaliers, he played NBA Finals, you take him out, Cavaliers are on the last spots. You have the Lakers from last year, a ridiculous team, you bring LeBron in and then you are a title contender. LeBron got injured, you have again the same childish, weak team of Lakers.

George Presan,

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