Grandpa Nowitzki forgot to retire

I was a fan of Dirk Nowitzki. When he played basketball. In 2011, I travelled to Germany to see him playing with the national team in Bremen against Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was great, he has impressive stats in the NBA history, but somebody has to tell him that he had to retire 3 years ago. Because he is very weak. But not just this season! Since 3 years ago he must retire.

When I heard the news that in the summer of 2016 he signed a 2 years contract with Dallas Mavericks for 50 million dollars I was shocked. It seems to me like a blasphemy. And I will explain for all Dirk fans why. In the same summer, Manu Ginobili signed a minimum veteran contract for 1.2 million. Why? Because San Antonio was not so dumb to give 50 million to a veteran like Dallas was! That’s why there is a minimum veteran contract: for the grandpas like Nowitzki who forgot to retire.

After the first year, Dallas organization saw that they would be morons if they would continue to throw the money out of the window. They cut Dirk salary to just 10 million for the next 2 years. And again it was huge for such a low performance. Dirk was already done.

Continuing to play this season had a reason for Dirk: to be the player with the most NBA seasons ever. But this doesn’t mean anything if you play like crap!!! Dirk, you can stay 44 seasons in the NBA – that doesn’t mean more than 16 decent seasons!

Another hope of Dirk was to pass the legendary center Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list. For this, the German need 192 points scored this season. But again, Dirk nobody will ever believe that you are greater than WILT! Never, ever! Especially when you are ridiculous on the floor. In the last game played in Boston, the crowd wanted Dirk to score, the teammates gave him the ball for open shots but nothing happened. The old guy finished the game with 0 from 10 field goal!!! He is just consuming the minutes that young talented player can have on the court and the salary for 2 young players. It’s a shame for basketball! But the entire fault is of the Mavs organization, that keeps there the shaking grandpa who is not able to run anymore! To run, I said, not to score, rebound or anything related with basketball.

Gratian Cormos,

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