Lonzo Ball – worst than Shaq from the free-throw line

The king of the most overrated players in the NBA history is Lonzo Ball. I like to call him the “Daddy-boy” because he is the son of the ridiculous LaVar Ball, American cartoon character who said that he would beat Jordan on one-on-one basketball game.

Lonzo Ball was so praised to be the new NBA star and now we can see that this is just another bluff story. Without buying the media coverage he would be now an average player in an average team of a mediocre championship in the world and not in the NBA.

His free-throw percentage speaks better than anything about himself. Daddy-boy has just 42,9% from the line, which makes him worse even than Shaq (52,7 %) or other bad free-throw shooters. “Hack-a-Shaq” has to be changed to “Hack-a-Lonzo” since Daddy-boy is 10% worse than the legendary center of Los Angeles Lakers.

But, in his last 3 NBA games, Lonzo Ball is the worst version of himself: he made just 1 from 11 which means 9% from the free-throw line. Maybe that’s why I recently saw in the social media a joke about him and I will resume here the cartoon: “A couple stays in the beds ready to make love. The woman says: tell me something dirty to excite me. And the man says: Lonzo is the new MAGIC (Johnson)!”

Angel Jimenez, info@brainbasketball.net

Here you have a video of Shaqtin’ A Fool where Lonzo is no. 1 of the week:


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