Olimpia Milano had a disastrous game in Istanbul

Olimpia Milano had a disastrous game in Istanbul

Olimpia Milano had the possibility to reach the Euroleague playoff in their hands. Early in the 3rd quarter, they were leading the host team with 13 points: 61-48. What else do you need in order to win the game? Anadolu Efes played without Brock Motum and Dunston Bryant have just recovered from the injury. The Turkish squad didn’t need the victory, but of course, they tried to play basketball.

Olimpia Milano on the other side saw the victory coming too easy at that point of the game. It seemed like they are in the playoff and mentally they started to celebrate it. They lost focus and discipline. In a couple of minutes after having 13 ahead, they were 5 down.

This is characteristic of chaotic teams. They can have a big lead but in short time they give up the points and they lose embarrassingly. Sure, the long-term injury of Arturas Gudaitis can be the main cause for Olimpia Milano to miss the playoffs. But, if you had much more shots in the crucial game (75-63), more rebounds (35-29), double offensive rebounds (16-8) and 13 points advantage and you don’t win, you simply don’t deserve it.

And here you have other crazy stats from the game:

  • Mike James, Vladimir Micov and Curtis Jerrells combined for 2 from 16 from the arc which is 12.5%.
  • Mike James and Curtis Jerrells combined for 0 efficiency value.
  • Olimpia Milano wasn’t able to defend the 3 point shots of Anadolu Efes, who finished with an excellent percentage: 10 from 20.

In these conditions, without defense, with poor shooting and lack of discipline on both side of the court, Olimpia Milano will watch once again the strong teams in the Euroleague playoffs on TV.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net


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