Reggio Emilia have a chance at Varese

In spite of the huge odd (4,40), Reggio Emilia still has a big chance at Varese, tomorrow in Legabasket. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Reggio Emilia is desperate to advance. Currently, they share the last spot in Italian League with Pistoia. It will be a disaster for them to fall into the second league.
  2. K.C. Rivers left Reggio Emilia but the Italian team brought 2 experienced Americans, Michael Dixon and Patrick Richard. With these additions, Reggiana reaches 6 foreigners in the roster. They played the whole season having just 4-5 foreigners.
  3. Reggio Emilia has more and better Italians than Varese (Ricardo Cervi, Federico Mussini, Leonardo Candi, Raphael Gaspardo, Niccolo de Vico)

Gratian Cormos,

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