Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers, a franchise that has always been in the other LA team’s shadow, began to play much better than they used to in the 2000s when they first picked Blake Griffin in 2009 with the first overall pick. After they got a solid franchise player in him, the club started to build around him, and after 2 years, they got Chris Paul to go along with him and Deandre Jordan. After many years spent without making a play-off spot, they began to roll in the West, but when the play-offs came, they didn’t seem to pull it over the 2nd round. Because of those mentioned above, their “Big 3” started to question themselves and their ability to make something notable in the post-season and so problems were about to happen in the locker room, all that resulting in a disband, firstly by Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets, then Blake Griffin being traded to the Pistons and ultimately Deandre Jordan ended with the Mavs. After all that, not much people believe in them coming into this season, without a star on their team, but despite of all that, they managed to start the season very well, having a “most improved player” candidate in Montrezl Harrell and an All-Star in the making in Tobias Harris. They are on the 8th seed now in the West, but they are surely playing way better than everyone thought that they will.

Andrei Dilean