The best individual performances of the BasketballCL season

The best individual performances of the BasketballCL season

This year Basketball Champions League season brought to us some interesting numbers. Below I will present the best records in a single game from this season.

Most Points: Keifer Sykes (Sidigas Avellino) recorded 43 points against Banvit in the Round 12 of the Regular season. It was a huge performance from the American Point Guard. He played the entire game, all 40 minutes, due to some injuries that several Avellino players suffered before. He shot 10-14 inside the arc, 6-10 from the 3-point line and 5-8 at the free-throw line. However, despite this big performance, Avellino lost that game 96-88.

Most Rebounds: Here the winner was the Canadian Power Forward from Ludwigsburg, Owen Klassen, with 18 rebounds. This record was established against Anwil in the Round 11 of the Regular season. He played 31 minutes and finished the game with 6 offensive rebounds and 12 defensive rebounds. He contributed with also 17 points, helping the team to win 87-74 in Poland.

Most Assists: In this category, the best passer is given by Anwil and his name is Kamil Laczynski, a 30-years old Polish point guard. In Round 4 of the regular season, in a game where Anwil beat Ludwigsburg on German soil, 93-85, Kamil contributed with 14 assists.

Most Blocks: In the second round in the 1/8 Finals clash against Telenet Antwerp, the 22-years old Romanian center, Emanuel Cate from UCAM Murcia, managed to establish the record for most blocks in a game: 7 blocks. To be remembered that this record was established in only 20 minutes of playing time. Despite this big performance, Murcia was eliminated from the competition, despite winning the game 78-77. Antwerp won the first game 75-67.

Most Steals: The player with the quickest hands in this year Champions League season was the 29-years old Surinamese guard, Charlon Kloof from UCAM Murcia. Against Anwil in the Round 5 of the regular season, he managed to get 7 steals. He also had 15 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds and the final score was pretty convincing 87-68.

Most 3-Pointers: In this category, the winner was the former Greek and Serbian leagues champion, James Feldeine. The 31-years old guard from Hapoel Jerusalem managed to drain 9 3-pointers against Nymburk in Round 5. He finished the game with 35 points and Hapoel crushed the Czech team 88-64.

These were the best records from this Basketball Champions League season. We will wait to see what other records will be established in the next season. I hope all these records will be broken, for the beauty of the game and for the fans excitement.

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Bogdan Vasile Tirc