The Brainbasketball squad won its first trophies of the summer

After one year of absence from international competitions due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Brainbasketball 3×3 team started very strong the 2021 season. 

On June 12th, Budapest organized the first tournament of the Hungary Streetball Challenge 2021 ( season in the Népliget park. Brainbasketball was represented also this time by their 3 most constant members: Sándor Vizi (Cluj-Napoca), Gábor Sántha (Oradea) and Imre Halász (Cluj-Napoca). The team stole the first trophy of the year, the Vizi-Halász duo winning the 2ball Game shooting competition by two points after a very entertaining final.

Nyíregyháza was the next stop on Sunday, June 20th. This time, our team had even more success, winning multiple titles. Gábor Sántha, the sharpshooter from Oradea, won the NKM 3 shots competition, winning also the 2ball Game title together with Imre Halász, while Sándor Vizi won the Grosbasket 3 point contest with an impressive 13/18 from the three-point line and the Molten shooting contest, scoring 17 free throws in 30 seconds.

The Transilvanian squad is on their way to make a big summer in Hungary, where they will compete in the finals, which will take place, in September, in the capital, Budapest. Till that moment they will try to win as many trophies as they can during the next months. Like all the previous years, the Brainbasketball team is the title contender of the shooting contests organized by Hungary Streetball Challenge 2021 ( 

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