The game has to be played with spectators in the Covid-19 era

In 30th August, Baskonia and Bilbao Basket will face in a new edition of the Euskal Kopa. The audience will be up to 500 spectators according to Sportando. In my opinion, this is the best solution for the moment, to allow fans to come to see the games, but not to overcrowd the arenas.

The measure without spectators is a big stupidity generated by fear. The authorities and the organizers are so scared that they stopped thinking. They are paralyzed by panic, having in mind the football game in Italy, between Atalanta and Valencia that was considered a bomb for the Coronavirus spread in those two Mediterranean countries. I can understand the organizers of sports activities all over the world. But what we really have to do is taking some good sanitary measures, not to deny the access of the people to see live games.

What we can do to have a good security at the games? Actually only these 3 things:

  • to offer all the sanitary issues for the audience like washing hands at the entrance with a sanitizer, asking fans to wear masks and all the stuff that we use now in restaurants
  • to allow the entrance of only 5% of the full capacity of the arena (if we have an arena of 10 000 seats, only a maximum of 500 people could be allowed)
  • separating the seats and putting a risk-free distance between the spectators (let’s say 4 meters)

Of course, the price of the tickets should rise to provide some profit for the organizers especially now when they will have to spend more on security issues. Playing the basketball games with totally empty arenas it looks like the worst stupidity ever heard. It doesn’t help anybody. It only contributes to ruining this beautiful sports and the whole industry of basketball.

Photo:  Carrie Z from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos