The public has to be back in the basketball arenas!

Yesterday, Casademont Zaragoza proposed to the president of Liga ACB the idea of a strike if the public won’t be allowed to be back in the basketball arenas. I agree with the idea of the comeback of the fans, especially because I see that yesterday Casademont Zaragoza played away at Nizhny Novgorod in Basketball Champions League and there was an important public inside the arena. As I saw it on the live broadcasting of the game, they were without masks. And there was no problem with that.

Since theatres and cinemas in Spain and in other countries are allowing 50% of their seats to be occupied by the people, I don’t see why the public has no access in a basketball arena. What’s the difference between a movie and a basketball game. Is there watching sports considered by the scientific world more dangerous than watching a play of a movie??? Since when?

A supposed virus that “killed” not even 2 million people in 1 year, cannot be considered effective. The stats are including there many people that were very very old and sick from other previous diseases. The truth is those who manipulate the information about Coronavirus are destroying the sports, the economy, the culture and anything that is not ONLINE. The only winners: online companies that are interested to sell more computers, mobiles and any other stuff in order to monopolize the market. Stay home won’t save lives, will only make rich some people. 

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