Will Baskonia have an easy game at Alba Berlin?

First of all, there are no easy games in the Euroleague, which is a sort of “European NBA” – solid rosters, large rotations etc. Now Alba Berlin have some important missing players, like Peyton Siva, Niels Giffey, Luke Sikma and Marcus Eriksson and that was the reason the odds were dropping a lot on Baskonia, which became the big favourite of the encounter.

But after Alba Berlin’s miracle against Bayern Munich, the things are not so clear. Anybody gave a chance in the weekend to Alba Berlin against the rising power of the Euroleague, Bayern Munich. Surprisingly Alba did it, maybe because Bayern was too confident in the win, maybe because the host team fought desperately in order to fill the absence of their teammates etc. The result was incredible, Alba Berlin destroyed Bayern by 13 points.

The advantage of Baskonia could be this previous game that warns anybody about the strength of the German squad. That’s why the Basque team have to focus from the beginning. Alba is a young, full of energy and a very dangerous team if you let them do their brilliant game. Don’t consider them the underdog at this odds. They run for every ball and they don’t have anything to lose. Every game they leave their heart on the court, led by one of the most experienced technicians in Europe, Aito Garcia Reneses.

Image: EuroLeague 

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