The safest place for the NBA to be played: Wuhan, China

The NBA board is searching for a solution for the season to be played maybe in other format than usual. There are many proposal. Between them, the games to be played behind close doors in Vegas or in an exotic island or to be postponned directly in a playoff format, with fewer games than normally etc.

But the best solution, without any irony, is to continue the NBA season in the safest place on Earth. A place were the local championship will start again as well in 2 weeks. It’s about Wuhan, where Coronavirus started months ago and now is the first place to be declared totally cleaned and safety.

The only problems would be political because China and Unite States are the biggest opponents on the global market and have different vision of leading the world. But, if these 2 countries could cooperate in this specific situation, would be a win-win relationship.

With the outbreak of the virus in the USA there is no hope that any sports activity will take place during the next months. Every day, the situation is getting worse and Trump also has now a clear vision of the possible outcome of the disaster. There is no ilussion that the season can be played in America.

The advantages to play the NBA in China would be huge:

– continuing to offer games for the basketball fans all over the world

– rebuilding the connection between the Chinese market and the NBA, which was affected in the last months. The NBA has a big fan base in China and they could work now to improve it.

– selling advertising during games, especially now when all the leagues are cancelled and everybody is at home watching TV

– giving the NBA title in a true competition like in a normal season


Gratian Cormos