The unbelievable comeback of Iberostar Tenerife at Murcia

Yesterday we saw one of the most spectacular basketball game in history: Ucam Murcia hosting Iberostar Tenerife. Murcia had 2 important advantages before this encounter:

  • they were playing the 2nd consecutive game at home, so hey didn’t have to make the effort to travel, which in the COVID era is even more difficult. This week all the Spanish teams had to play 2 rounds so staying home for both games gave Murcia a strong help, while the Canarian team had to travel a lot.
  • Iberostar Tenerife is going to Athens next week where they will be part of the Final 8 of the Basketball Champions League, an event that will end the 2019-2020 season. So they could save some effort in this game at Murcia, accepting the loss.

The first part of the game was exactly as expected, Ucam Murcia came strong and destroyed the visitors who didn’t show so much appetite for the win. At the halftime, Iberostar scored an embarrassing 26 points, while the host team had 42. The game seemed done already, and even more, after the 3rd quarter won again by Murcia wit 16-15. The host team entered the last stanza with a comfortable margin that almost guaranteed the win, especially in these circumstances. But Iberostar Tenerife bounced back with an amazing offensive show that has stolen the win: 43-24 in the last 10 minutes, a performance that says a lot about the experienced and cohesion of the Canarian squad. One of the most powerful comebacks in the history of Liga ACB.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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