Toronto Raptors, what happens next?

Let just take a moment and praise one more time Toronto Raptors for defying all odds and beating the dynasty of Golden State Warriors.

It is more of an article of appreciation for the franchise, board, players and fans….and Drake, for believing and giving 100% for a dream, that came true, first NBA title for Canada.

All the new acquisitions played a big role. Marc Gasol, an excellent center, with a great IQ and defensive skills, Danny Green a very good three point shooter and also a very good role player, and last but not least, Kawhi Leonard, the NBA Finals MVP; alongside with the rest of the team, led by a very inspired coach, Nick Nurse managed to defeat a five all-star team.

I have a question for all of you, how this NBA title, affects DeMar DeRozan’s legacy? He was the best scorer and a great player that gave everything for the organization, but it was never enough to beat LeBron and reach to the finals. The bigger issue is that Kawhi managed to do it in his first year with Toronto Raptors.

Another big question, for all Raptors’ fans, is what happens next? Will Kawhi stay with Toronto, or will leave to Clippers? Will they bring another superstar, to play next to Kawhi? Should they go all in to keep Kawhi Leonard?

For sure, it will be an interesting NBA summer free agency, and the results will change once again the NBA hierarchy.

Nicolae Sorocan