Trento’s mistakes in the last 2 minutes

After having a comfortable advantage at the halftime (37-26), Dolomiti Energia Trento slowed down the engine in the 2nd part of the game against Varese.

The battle became very tied in the 4th quarter, but with less than 2 minutes remaining Trento was ahead by 6 points (69-63) and had as well the possession. It was the moment to just take care of the ball, waiting for the shot clock to drain the time. Instead of this, Trento made a couple of mistakes and almost lost the game:

  1. Devyn Marble rushed to attack the rim with 11 seconds remaining on the shot clock and missed it – which allowed Varese to score a quickly 3 pointer for 69-66
  2. Trento went for 70-66 after a free-throw scored by Marble and then Dustin Hogue committed an unsportsmanlike foul. The luck for Trento was that Dominique Archie missed both free throws but on the next possession they left open Aleksa Avramovic for another 3 pointer. Trento had to foul offering 2 shots from the line, instead of allowing this 3 point shot who almost tied the game: 70-69.

In the end, Trento won the game but they didn’t control some possessions, taking bad decisions. They had luck, instead of proving basketball knowledge.

Gratian Cormos,

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