Brescia, out of Cup, out of play-off?

This time the referees forgot to help Brescia. And the result was what everybody can see: a pathetic game against newly promoted Alma Trieste. I think the money are over for the Italian team. Every week they eliminate somebody from the squad.

After a failed Eurocup campaign, some Americans were fired. Firstly, Bryon Allen, then the nervous Eric Mika who shouted “Fuck off” to the coach, now it’s time for Jordan Hamilton to leave. Because of 0 points scored last night. But remember that Hamilton was suspended last round by the Italian federation. Because he was angry and got in trouble with the referees. There were too many angry Americans at Brescia this season. And no results. The last year finalist of the Italian Cup and 3rd place in Legabasket is now out of the playoff spots.

Is there someone’s fault? Or it’s just basketball dynamics, one year you are on top of the league (without deserving it, just because it’s your turn) and the next season you are back on the weak teams’ list of the championship?

It’s clear that this season Brescia had lost the referees’ support and they don’t invest the same money as last year. So the results are different: no Italian Cup and maybe no play-off, just nerves.

Gratian Cormos,

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