Trust your team when it’s down by a couple of points!

One of the biggest mistakes that bettors do is to have confidence in the teams they picked only if they lead the game. Let’s say you pick Fenerbahce to win at CSKA Moscow or Alba Berlin to win at Baskonia but when they are down by a couple of points your confidence is lost.

This approach is guided by fear and is leading people to bet on their team in the last quarter only when they are up by a couple of points at ridiculous odds like 1.35 or 1.23 and so on. When actually you have to bet on the team that you trust at high odds, especially when the opponent are up by a couple of points.

Who thought that Fenerbahces will bounce back to smash CSKA late in the 4th quarter? Maybe nobody, maybe only a few, but the possibility was real and when the odd was high you have to take risks.

The same happened with Alba Berlin at Baskonia, the initial odd was 4.35. And at the halftime when Baskonia has 50-46, many people were convinced that Baskonia will erupt again in the second part of the game, sealing the win. But Alba Berlin is a brave team, the injured players were back, they have a lot of energy because the majority of them are very young so it was very possible to have a comeback.

The bettors’ mind is blocking when their team is down, but there are just moments of the game. There are many formulas for a team and what is not working now with these 5 guys on the court, has a good probability to work when coaches are changing players or two. Then, many things are happening in the game because every encounter is alive, is fluid like a river. With the mention that the river has only one direction when the game can change direction any minute. That’s why basketball is so spectacular. Think about it when you pick live bets.

Image: EuroLeague 

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