The odds on Fenerbahce at CSKA dropped a lot

Another derby of the Euroleague will take place today when Fenerbahce Beko will visit CSKA Moscow. I recommended on my premium Telegram channel to bet on Fenerbahce simply because the initial odds on some websites were simply too big: 4.15 on the Turkish team it seemed to me crazy!

Especially now when they start to add new players like Marko Guduric and Kyle O’Quin. Even if the last one won’t play today, his addition is proving that Fenerbahce is still hoping for a good playoff spot, maybe aiming for a Final4 presence. They invested in new players because they dream to win games.

On the other side, CSKA showed their weak side last round when FC Barcelona that came without many important players shocked them in Moscow. The Russian team is still without Daniel Hackett and Will Clyburn and when the roster is not complete anything can happen. I don’t say they couldn’t win, of course, they still have a couple of great players, but I am sure Fenerbahce will fight for every possession. 

Now the odd is 3.10 on Fenerbahce, while still dropping. At this odd, maybe I would think twice before to place my bet on the visitors, but at the initial odd 4.15, it was a MUST! Odds like these have only a direction: going down and if Fenerbahce will have a good moment you can bet as well on CSKA at a good live odd and then stay relaxed and watch the game.

Image: EuroLeague 

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