Umana Venezia simply humiliated by Olimpia Milano

This was the most stupid game made by Venezia in years. You play against a team that will battle in the Final 4 of the Euroleague in 5 days and you got beaten by 34 points? What the hell is that? You score only 65 points against Milano and you receive almost 100? This is surreal! This game was a nightmare and I don’t understand how such a solid team that in game one lost by 2 points (81-79) yesterday was destroyed like a third league squad.

I saw the entire game and it looked from the beginning like something absurd. Why Venezia was not aggressively practising a full-court pressing? It looked that Venezia wanted to save energy for the Euroleague Final 4, not Milano. The visitors were soft and they missed too many 3 pointers. At a moment, at the end of the first half Venezia’s percentage from the arc was only 8% with only 1 shot scored from 13. How is this possible from a team that has a lot of experienced players, that were in many finals and semifinals during their career?

In the first quarter, Venezia scored only 7 points, a pathetic performance. Then in the next 2 periods, they start to make points and then again they had a ridiculous last stanza. Their final 3 points percentage was a bit under 15% with 4 from 27.

Venezia didn’t battle like a true basketball team, they have surrendered from the first minute of the game.

Image: EuroLeague

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