This weekend the Final 4 of the Euroleague will take place in the German city of Koln. In the first semifinal, Anadolu Efes will fight the eternal powerhouse of the competition CSKA Moscow. The battle seems very balanced, but only one team will arrive in the finals. Which will be?

I think CSKA Moscow is a great squad led by a huge coach but this is not their season regarding the Euroleague title. In spite of losing two key players like Mike James and Nikola Milutinov (injured), the Russian team qualified once again in the Final 4 and they are still a dangerous opponent. Large rotation, quality players. But if you look back on time, I am sure the CSKA that won the Euroleague in different years would destroy this present CSKA.

On the other side, Anadolu Efes is a team that grew a lot in the last year becoming stronger and stronger. Last year when the pandemic stopped the basketball operations, they occupied first place in the regular season of the Euroleague. The season got frozen and the frustration was big because they invested a lot of money and without a doubt, they would have qualified in the finals.

This year advancing to the finals it’s a must for Efes and I think millions of European fans want to see Larkin, Micic, Beaubois, Simon, Moerman or Dunston in the awaited final act of the competition.

I expect Anadolu Efes to win by at least 3 points.

Image: EuroLeague

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