Unicaja won at U-Banca Transilvania as I predicted

Two days ago in my private Telegram channel with basketball betting tips, I recommended Unicaja Malaga to win and as well a small handicap on them against U-Banca Transilvania. Why I was so sure? Here are the arguments:

  • Unicaja Malaga changed a lot since the previous encounter with the Romanian team. In Malaga, U-Banca Transilvania dominated the entire game and finally won by 6 points. But, yesterday in Cluj-Napoca, Unicaja came with a much better roster. In the first encounter lost by them in Malaga, key players like Alberto Diaz and Tim Abromaitis were out with injuries, while Norris Cole was on the way to leave the team. Even more, during that game big man, Michael Eric got injured and never came back. Yesterday, Unicaja could count again on Diaz and Abromaitis, while they added also some good players like Dejan Kravic (former BCL winner with Virtus Bologna), Matt Mooney and Cameron Oliver. The last addition was actually the man of the game with 19 points scored and 9 rebounds.
  • Unicaja needed the win but not only the win but as well a bigger margin than 6 points to take the 1st spot of the group. Why? In order to have a weaker opponent later, in the playoffs and the home-court advantage, which means a game 3 in Malaga if it will be necessary. With this win, Unicaja made a huge step to enter the final 4 which will be hosted in Bilbao in may.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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