What’s going on with Anthony Davis?

As you probably know by now, a few days ago Anthony Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, went to the Pelicans’ GM and announced him that Davis wants out of New Orleans. When the news broke it created a big number of theories about the place where the superstar will go, but more than that it exposed one of the biggest problems of the NBA.

As I watched a lot of comments and analysis on this subject I observed that the matter is instead much deeper than it seems. Let me explain this. Rich Paul is Anthony Davis’ agent but he is also LeBron James’ agent and one of his closest friends. Therefore, it is an easy conclusion that LA Lakers would become the most probable destination for Anthony Davis. Although the player has not verbally expressed his wish, all the facts point to him being a Laker. And here come all the problems, as expressed by Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Rachel Nichols, and others.

Apparently, in the NBA there is a huge disagreement between players and owners. Basically, great players that are being drafted in small markets are forced to stay 7 years with that team if they don’t want to lose a lot of money. This thing started to take shape after LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami and Dan Gilbert complained to the officials of the league. The Cavaliers’ owner became a representative of small markets which they say are given small chances of having success. He said that players have too much power to leave and the teams remain with nothing.

What does this have to do with Anthony Davis? Well, NBA insiders said that a lot of owners have called Dell Demps, the Pelicans GM, and told him not to accept the Lakers’ offer. By doing so, they want to send a message to the league and the players that the teams’ owners still have a lot of power and they can do whatever they want with their superstars. In the meantime, great athletes such as Paul George, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Davis requested a trade with more than one year left from their contract, trying to take the future in their own hands.

So, basically, the whole Anthony Davis story is caught into the fight between owners and players and between small markets and big markets. That’s why there is a slight chance that the Pelicans will allow Anthony Davis to go to the Lakers. This means, that if the superstar really wants to join the Californian team he will have to wait until 2020 when he becomes a free agent. But until then a lot of things could happen, including him being traded to another organization, such as the Boston Celtics.

David Istrate, info@brainbasketball.net

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