Which Turkish team has the best chances in BasketballCL this season?

Which Turkish team has the best chances in BasketballCL this season?

This season it will be a record of 4 teams from Turkey competing in Basketball Champions League. Just Spain can tie this number if San Pablo Burgos will qualify for the group stage. Let’s see who are the best Turkish teams and their chances to enter the Final 4. My prediction is one of them will make that step for many reasons:

  • the last time when Turkey was represented in the final tournament of the BasketballCL was in the inaugural edition when Banvit has lost the Final in Tenerife against the host team
  • With such a big number of teams representing Turkey, there are better chances that one of them will arrive at the Final 4
  • Turkey is a big country in European basketball, with a huge audience and the interest of the masses growing for this sport

My rankings for the Turkish teams involved in BasketballCL campaign this season is:

4. Gaziantep – it will be the first season for them in this European competition and their roster is good, but not impressive

3. Banvit – the club is one of the veterans of BasketballCL, being present in all the editions till now. Maybe Banvit can reach out from the group stage, but difficult because they will face tough opponents

2. Turk Telekom – the organization decided to switch the competitions, choosing BasketballCL instead of Eurocup for this season. They have changed almost all the players and doing at least one more big signing, Turk Telekom will be a dangerous squad.

1. Besiktas – It’s the most experienced Turkish club in European competitions from all 4 participants. They played in all theBasketballCL editions and this year they have gathered a strong roster under the same coach Dusko Ivanovic, who had a lot of knowledge of the game. They have the easiest group and with a bit of luck they can reach the Final 4.

Photo credit: championsleague.basketball

Gratian Cormos