Why I took Buducnost to win at Bourg in Eurocup?

This was a game-time decision because I wasn’t sure about the rosters, since Bourg tried to have Alen Omic on the court. Without him, the situation changed a lot and in the minutes before the game when I saw the players list I realized that Buducnost has to prevail over the French hosts that had a couple of missings.

Then I shared the info with the people from my PREMIUM Telegram channel for betting tips. The odd was still good, around 1.70 on some bookies.

In spite of having a much better rotation, Buducnost played bad. The visitors could steal an easy win because actually, Bourg had only 9 players available for this encounter, while only 6 experienced guys. The very short rotation was seen in the last quarter when fatigue affected the French team very deeply. The foul troubles also contributed and in the end, Zackary Peacock was eliminated with 5 personal fouls.

Buducnost finally won but only with a small margin because they made many stupid mistakes during the game and also on the last possessions. I will tell you only 1 huge mistake: having 6 points advantage and 16 seconds remaining, Buducnost allowed a 3 pointer instead of committing a foul. They didn’t use that possibility even if they had at that moment only 2 team fouls. They could use the fouls to work a bit the clock and let’s say with 8 seconds remaining to offer 2 free-throws.

Buducnost managed so bad the game that instead of a comfortable win they were close to losing it.

Image: Eurocup

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