Why is difficult to bet on FIBA Europe Cup first round? CSM Oradea – Besiktas case

Today FIBA Europe Cup will start and I don’t see anything good to bet in this first round, excepting if you want to take the crazy risk to place your money on CSM Oradea at 6.50 against Besiktas Istanbul. But why is so difficult to bet this round? Let’s see some reasons:

Firstly, because this opening game means nothing due to the special format and the circumstances. Since London Lions and Borisfen just retired from the competition, there are 22 teams involved with 16 that will advance to the next phase. So a huge percentage of the participating clubs will go further. You have to be a very bad team – actually, the last 6 places from 22 clubs -to not qualify.

Because of this special context, teams’ motivation for game 1 can be very low. Let’s take the best example: CSM Oradea vs Besiktas. We have the Turkish team the big favourite of the game. I see them between the teams that later can win the FIBA Europe Cup. But this first game against Oradea is not important, even if they would lose this encounter, the next days they will smash the other 2 teams in the group advancing to the next stage.

So, it looks like Oradea will have a different motivation: they could try to surprise Besiktas. But, if you look better I would save energy for the next games because CSU SIBIU and Balkan Botevrgrad seem easier to be beaten than Besiktas.

Why fight desperately against Besiktas and then be very tired against the other opponents? This is just an example of why is meaningless to place a bet on this first round of the FIBA Europe Cup. I will wait for the next rounds.

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