Alba Berlin with a better chance against a CSKA without Mike James

I don’t know if you remember an important detail: Alba Berlin won already this season in Moscow vs. CSKA with a  surprising 93-88. And now they have the chance to repeat the experience, this time on German soil. The best argument for this to happen is the absence of Mike James who is close to his departure from the Russian powerhouse. The news published yesterday by Sportando made a huge odd dropping from 5.75 to 3.50.

Another good argument in favor of an Alba Berlin’s victory is that they finally have the whole roster available. A lot of injuries affected the squad the entire season but step by step the missing players are back and Alba has again a very deep rotation made by young and energic guys that are fighting like devils.

That’s why I considered that huge handicaps like +11.5 and + 10.5 on Alba Berlin were good tips and I recommended it on my Premium Telegram Channel. Now the handicap dropped significantly till +7 and maybe will drop even more till +5.5.

I think the worst problem for CSKA right now is not exactly the physical absence of Mike James, which of course was their main weapon, but the entire tension created in the club about his potential departure. This can affect the mental focus of the team and could be more serious than the real absence of the American guard.

Image: EuroLeague 

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